Monday, September 26, 2011

Kris Krug Artist post

It was really hard trying to find a photographer that I could relate my work to. I have seen plenty of images on advertisements and in magazines and the general world with the same style of blowing out colors in photos, but I could not just find one photographer. So, I began to just search high color contrast which lead me to images on a blog called "Epic Edits" and the first image on the page was by the photographer Kris Krug. From this I found that he goes by kk+ and he is a Great Vancouver Fashion photographer.

I then found him on Flickr and was sold. I found this image which relates so much to my photos. It is a real photo and then edited so much that the colors are blown out to show a rainbow effect. Then on top of that there are textures pulled out of the photo and enhanced so they can be seen. The photos title is "Bang!" and even though I am sure he used a different method and different filters to create his final project, I still based my ideas off of this type of image.

Krug is a fashion, music and portrait photographer from Vancouver, Canada. He is also an author and technologist. He has not updated his blog since April of this year but from what I can tell he goes on the road a lot to shoot. He was all over the us in Texas and Palm Spring to South America. He also seems to have this more recent fascination with the internet and social media. In his blog he calls himself a "Social Media Documentarian". He brings up the issue that recently I feel like we have talked about in every class, this fact that if it is not on the internet it must not be true. He says how the world revolves around real time on the internet. he himself has been blogging on his website as early as October 2003.

He is successful as a photographer and "Social Media Documentarion". Just some of the projects he has taken part in are Geeks on a Plane, The Vancouver 2010 Olympics, and the BP Oil Spill. He also teaches classes at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, primarily based on this idea of social networking. On a more strictly photography base he has done several shoots for Vancouver fashion and Portrait Photography. From these shoots I also found a photo similar to my style from the project I just completed. He has intensified the colors in this image in the back ground and foreground which show a lot in the hair and on the wall. It look like he also placed a filter on top to increase the grain on the photo along with one to increase the contrast.
Kris Krug is a very successful photographer on many different levels and uses techniques in some of his photos similar to those I used in my most recent project.

Enhancing final project

As I sat this weekend and tried to think of ways to experiment more and ways to do more to my first project I couldn't come up with anything, I liked my project just the way it was. Then I read over the project description again and it hit me. I should draw back onto my pictures what I did to them in Photoshop and what I wanted to make pop out in Photoshop. So, now that my project is printed I will work tonight into the wee hours of morning with glitter, foil, plastic wrap, pastels, markers and whatever else I can find and create a whole new work of art on top of my existing project.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

final project im pretty sure

I have shown my from start to finish process with the experimental images I took. I blew out colors and saturations and added filters to show a world that an eye or camera can never catch.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

revising ideas for project 1

From playing with my photos and playing with photoshop more,I have changed my mind on how to conduct and present my project 1. I have decided to take the photos I took with my digital camera focusing on the Holga camera and a few other items and blowing them out of proportion with photoshop tricks. The photos started as not in focus or perfect images and I have just altered them completely to different images. The assignment was to make the media or photo different then how we see normal life. I have created photos that are so colorful and crazy that you can only see it from computer alterations.

A friend just started recently telling me whenever I see him that I am always so bright and colorful. I wear crazy bright clothes, so this got me thinking about how I took the pictures and I wanted them to reflect me some too. The items I took pictures of in real life are not nearly as bright and colorful as I portray them.  Yet with filters and saturation and hue "tweeks", I have made a rainbow spectacular.

I am going to present 4 photos in the way to make them look like they are on a negative slip. Then I want to print them out in large format 12"x44".

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Playing with the camera lense

For this assignment I had to alter the way the camera views reality. I focused more on not the camera body itself but how I could alter the lense, lense cover and the different types of lenses. For some of the photos I places glass objects on top such as a shot glass and mason jar. Then I drew on the lense cover with makeup and added hand sanitizer giving the photo the effect of underwater along with sparkles. Then I wrapped index cards around the lense and drew on them to create this circus tent look. Finally, I played with the final photos in photoshop and just the standard windows photo gallery. I desaturated and increased contrast. I intensified colors and played with shadows. Enjoy!!

photoshop overlay


Hacking the camera

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2nd post images

post 2:reflection

What I did and Where I am going:

For this past assignment "Seeing the Unseen" I interpreted this in a Macro focus. I walked around my home in Denton but in a different way. I didn't just walk up the brick steps, I laid down on the bricks and saw a whole new world growing in the porous spaces and cracks in the bricks. I got close to the ropes of my lacrosse goal and saw a peculiar spider. I jumped in the water with my sister and saw her cannon ball from underwater. It was a new experience to see the true textures of our world blown up into an image.

From here I plan to keep the focus of the textures of our natural world. We pass structures, plants, and objects on an everyday basis but rarely get up close and personal with those things. I plan to do just that, take the extra minute to see the world up close. I will be like an ant traveling through the mountains that we see as a grain of sand.

I just ordered a lens baby and plan to use this to get a pin hole effect along with interesting angles.

1st post

A piece of work(s) I have completed recently that I am proud of is all my orientation photos. I was an Orientation Leader this year and had a blast. My camera was glued to my side the whole time and I took over 800 photos. I posted the good ones on my shutterfly account so here is the link.

An artist I am inspired by is Kevin Fleming. His photos have been in my life since a child because of his topics and main audience being located on Delmarva. I will most likely do an artist post on him later on this semester so I will not go in depth about him.