Sunday, September 18, 2011

revising ideas for project 1

From playing with my photos and playing with photoshop more,I have changed my mind on how to conduct and present my project 1. I have decided to take the photos I took with my digital camera focusing on the Holga camera and a few other items and blowing them out of proportion with photoshop tricks. The photos started as not in focus or perfect images and I have just altered them completely to different images. The assignment was to make the media or photo different then how we see normal life. I have created photos that are so colorful and crazy that you can only see it from computer alterations.

A friend just started recently telling me whenever I see him that I am always so bright and colorful. I wear crazy bright clothes, so this got me thinking about how I took the pictures and I wanted them to reflect me some too. The items I took pictures of in real life are not nearly as bright and colorful as I portray them.  Yet with filters and saturation and hue "tweeks", I have made a rainbow spectacular.

I am going to present 4 photos in the way to make them look like they are on a negative slip. Then I want to print them out in large format 12"x44".

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