Monday, September 26, 2011

Kris Krug Artist post

It was really hard trying to find a photographer that I could relate my work to. I have seen plenty of images on advertisements and in magazines and the general world with the same style of blowing out colors in photos, but I could not just find one photographer. So, I began to just search high color contrast which lead me to images on a blog called "Epic Edits" and the first image on the page was by the photographer Kris Krug. From this I found that he goes by kk+ and he is a Great Vancouver Fashion photographer.

I then found him on Flickr and was sold. I found this image which relates so much to my photos. It is a real photo and then edited so much that the colors are blown out to show a rainbow effect. Then on top of that there are textures pulled out of the photo and enhanced so they can be seen. The photos title is "Bang!" and even though I am sure he used a different method and different filters to create his final project, I still based my ideas off of this type of image.

Krug is a fashion, music and portrait photographer from Vancouver, Canada. He is also an author and technologist. He has not updated his blog since April of this year but from what I can tell he goes on the road a lot to shoot. He was all over the us in Texas and Palm Spring to South America. He also seems to have this more recent fascination with the internet and social media. In his blog he calls himself a "Social Media Documentarian". He brings up the issue that recently I feel like we have talked about in every class, this fact that if it is not on the internet it must not be true. He says how the world revolves around real time on the internet. he himself has been blogging on his website as early as October 2003.

He is successful as a photographer and "Social Media Documentarion". Just some of the projects he has taken part in are Geeks on a Plane, The Vancouver 2010 Olympics, and the BP Oil Spill. He also teaches classes at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, primarily based on this idea of social networking. On a more strictly photography base he has done several shoots for Vancouver fashion and Portrait Photography. From these shoots I also found a photo similar to my style from the project I just completed. He has intensified the colors in this image in the back ground and foreground which show a lot in the hair and on the wall. It look like he also placed a filter on top to increase the grain on the photo along with one to increase the contrast.
Kris Krug is a very successful photographer on many different levels and uses techniques in some of his photos similar to those I used in my most recent project.