Tuesday, September 6, 2011

post 2:reflection

What I did and Where I am going:

For this past assignment "Seeing the Unseen" I interpreted this in a Macro focus. I walked around my home in Denton but in a different way. I didn't just walk up the brick steps, I laid down on the bricks and saw a whole new world growing in the porous spaces and cracks in the bricks. I got close to the ropes of my lacrosse goal and saw a peculiar spider. I jumped in the water with my sister and saw her cannon ball from underwater. It was a new experience to see the true textures of our world blown up into an image.

From here I plan to keep the focus of the textures of our natural world. We pass structures, plants, and objects on an everyday basis but rarely get up close and personal with those things. I plan to do just that, take the extra minute to see the world up close. I will be like an ant traveling through the mountains that we see as a grain of sand.

I just ordered a lens baby and plan to use this to get a pin hole effect along with interesting angles.

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